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Mňam Bus Jiné světy s Apetitem 10
28. 01. 2017 13:45

2 590 Kč
El Emir
  Mezza plate – selection of Lebanese cold and hot appetizers
Warak inab Beirut – grilled lamb chops, vine leaves with lamb and Basmati rice, tomato sauce

  Snail meat in a herb sauce, braised egg and beetroot purée
Marinated Arctic char with crispy vegetables

  Nut Wellington
Apple crumble
Lázeňský Mňam Bus s Maurerem 4
04. 02. 2017 11:00

5 290 Kč
  Cold tapas: Pan y tomate with jamón serrano; goat cheese, quince jelly; marinated olives
Soup: Sopa de langostinos (shrimp espresso)
Warm tapas: Tortilla española al punto; grilled champignons; Rillette de jabalí; Gambas al ajillo

Gourmet Restaurant, Villa Patriot
  Home-made veal aspic with marinated red onion and coarse-grain mustard dip al ancienne
Lamb shank roasted with garlic and rosemary, traditional „lepenice“ mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables
Old Bohemian shredded pancake with plum sauce

Quisisana Palace
  Pumpkin-ginger cream with shrimp and sesame oil
Roasted pork tenderloin in a nut persillade with mushroom ravioli and roasted carrot purée
Braised pear in green tea with plum chilli chutney and mascarpone mousse
Mňam Bus do Asie 8
18. 02. 2017 11:45

2 690 Kč
Občanská plovárna
  Phad thai kai – Thai rice noodles with peanuts, bean sprouts and chicken
Hoy ma rang pu op – steamed blue mussels with Thai herbs and basil, Jasmine rice

  Nimonowan – Dashi soup with ebi-shinjo dumpling, shrimp, bamboo, spinach and Enoki mushroom
Fuju awase – sashimi with tuna, seabass and salmon in several variations with Soba noodles

Aureole Fusion Restaurant & Lounge
  Sous-vide black pig belly, ash-roasted tenderloin, turnip, vegetables, mushrooms, mead
Milk marrow with nuts, gingerbread, raspberry ice
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